Sharp Chart 2020

A professional letter chart app for the modern practitioner

Ease of Use

Sharp Chart 2020 connects to a TV via AirPlay from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to allow you to display a chart at the full 6 metres (20 feet) while having full control in the palm of your hand.

A Plethora of Charts

Sharp Chart 2020 includes all the charts you would expect.

Letter charts with multiple optotypes (including Illiterate E, Landolt C and a child’s pictorial chart).

Cross-cylinder, binocular and 3D charts also available.

Create your own chart as an image and import into the app.

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Drag any chart configuration you have made to the grid of shortcuts for quick access in the future. An unlimited number of charts can be remembered.

About Us

Sharp Chart 2020 is developed by the same developer that brought you Optical Dispensing Assistant, GlaucomaCalc, LensCalc and OptiCalc Contact Lens Calculator

Get In Touch

  • Email sharpchart@ausoptom.com
  • Twitter @ausopt
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